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You optimize your entire processes.
We optimize your supply of parts.

MRO-parts are an important feature of the indirect production requirements of any industrial company. As well as maintenance materials and spare parts, these also include easy-wearing parts and equipment.

MRO Supply Chain Management is complex. Although total demand for parts is high, the required numbers of each specific component are often low. Add to that changing specifications and fluctuating requirements, and you've got a difficult and time-consuming activity on your hands. Hundreds of orders featuring thousands of different components from dozens of suppliers are often involved. That means high material and process costs, especially for large operations - risky business, unless, of course, you leave it to the experts, such as KTB.

We offer our clients tailor-made concepts ensuring the efficient supply of maintenance, repair and operation materials anywhere, anytime.

Our services include the optimization of MRO supply systems through the installation of a complete supply chain, technical assistance, logistical and financial services, as well as the storage of goods in our own warehouse and their inspection. We handle the import and export of spare parts and organise the dispatch of parts to destination ports with the help of our sister company KICO-Logistics and other business partners.

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