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Our MRO parts supply service will keep your machines running overtime.

The longer machines run without interruption, the better it is for business. Our optimized MRO procurement concept ensures that all wear and spare parts are available exactly when you need them. KTB manages the complete workflow from the inquiry through to delivery, supplying you with spare, wear and maintenance parts, mass consumer goods, rare components and other parts to satisfy regular as well as sudden demand.

The IT and communications systems we co-developed allow us to keep in touch directly with our suppliers, shippers and customers. Components from various different suppliers are led to our warehouse and we also take care of the red tape for importing, exporting and overseas transportation.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers' business operations run as smoothly as possible. Our services ensure the hassle-free supply of MRO goods and spare parts and the optimization of Supply Chain Management. This reduces our customers' procurement costs and minimizes material and procedural errors, while our intelligent solutions keep our customers fully satisfied. And our stock of goods means we can ensure fast and easy availability and at the same time help our customers reduce their storage and capital outlay costs.



Einkaufsanfragen und Auftragsabwicklung für Teile von 10 verschiedenen Herstellern


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