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Our suppliers are important business partners. By joining forces, our customers are in a win-win situation.

We are justifiably proud of our long-standing and close supplier relationships. They too enjoy the same advantages as our customers: we do everything in our power to help them to succeed, fast! KTB takes care of all the foreign-language aspects of the time-consuming order creation process, and is happy to liaise when there is a need for clarification regarding technical issues (no matter what the language). Our suppliers greatly appreciate the fact that all foreign KTB deals are handled just as easily as a regular domestic transaction. As the goods recipient, we are responsible for all customs and export-related formalities. Suppliers are consequently fully immune from the risks often associated with foreign transactions.

We vouch financially for our suppliers. For larger scale projects, KTB and its suppliers together work out the best financing plan with the house banks. With KTB as a highly-efficient partner at your side, you have the opportunity to open up exciting new markets abroad, giving you an additional edge over the competition.

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