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April 6, 2016 KTB was founded on April 1st , 1976, so that we had the pleasure to celebrate our 40th anniversary. As running a business for 40 years requires a skilled and mindful management and the engagement of all employees, we took the occasion to have a champagne reception in our... [...]

In December 2015, KTB delivered a particular item of equipment. A semi low-loader was ordered to the port of Hamburg to be loaded with two electric industrial furnaces made in Germany. The furnaces have a unit weight of nearly two tons and do not fit in standard containers because of their... [...]

October 16, 2015 This year, KTB and KiCo offered their employees something very special: The Health Day took place on Friday, October 16. In order to form consciousness for our own health, several stations were established where the employees could take part such as body scan, balance... [...]

  Update (April 25, 2016) Currently our paper consumption decreased 70%. We estimate it todecrease 80-90% until the end of the year.   September 29, 2015 KTB will now save documents on revision-proof data servers. In the course of the ABAS ERP introduction, we... [...]

Update The Enterprise Resource Planning System ABAS has been introduced successfully on December 1st, 2014. Leaving a short period of introduction behind, the wholly new ERP is now in everyday use, in Hamburg as well as all over the world. Please find more on ABAS preparations... [...]

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April 6, 2016 KTB was founded on April... [...]
In December 2015, KTB delivered a particular item... [...]
October 16, 2015 This year, KTB and KiCo... [...]
  Update (April 25, 2016) Currently... [...]
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