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The KTB seal of approval stands for thorough inspection, the ultimate in safety and efficient distribution processes.

 The KTB seal of approval is our internal guarantee of quality, which we regard as our highest priority. That's why it features in the KTB logo and you'll find it not only on our letterhead but also across our packaging.

With the KTB seal of approval you can rest assured that the quality of our goods and services conforms to clearly defined standards guaranteed by thorough internal quality control procedures. These standards are strictly adhered to at all times without exception.

The KTB seal of approval is the backbone of a corporate quality management system which ensures that products are constantly subject to quality checks. This is part of an ongoing drive to perfect and enhance the quality of our goods and services.

The seal of approval you'll find on our packaging guarantees implementation of the following quality assurance measures:

  1. The contents of your order have been thoroughly checked prior to dispatch.
  2. Labelling of the products contained therein has been done according to our customers wishes.
  3. After checking, your order is sealed with special tape bearing the KTB corporate logo including our unique seal of approval. The packaging thus attains the unique "KTB Look", which ensures that it's easily identifiable. 
  4. A print-out of a control log bearing the personal signature of one of our quality control officers is your final guarantee that the required procedures have been strictly followed.

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