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August 30, 2018 KTB’s promise to bring customers services and products at the highest level is now secured by an ISO 9001:2015 certification! DEKRA Certification GmbH confirms that a quality management system is implemented and in action. Quality is controlled, among other measures, through internal and external audits. An internal process illustration tool was established to... [...]

October 18, 2017 KTB could successfully prove its expertise in cross-border dropshipping for a key account in the Brazilian steel industry. The objective was to ship a heavy Two-Column Die Forging Press from Korea to Brazil within 18 months. 4000 tons of steel have been dismantled and are expected to be recommissioned until 2018. The consignment consisted of 35 Containers (40’) and... [...]

April 6, 2016 KTB was founded on April 1st , 1976, so that we had the pleasure to celebrate our 40th anniversary. As running a business for 40 years requires a skilled and mindful management and the engagement of all employees, we took the occasion to have a champagne reception in our warehouse. KTB experienced an immense rise in revenue and staff number in its history and can look back... [...]

In December 2015, KTB delivered a particular item of equipment. A semi low-loader was ordered to the port of Hamburg to be loaded with two electric industrial furnaces made in Germany. The furnaces have a unit weight of nearly two tons and do not fit in standard containers because of their overwidth. The truck had a height of 4,38m. As demanded by the Mexican customer, a forwarding agency... [...]

August 30, 2018 KTB’s promise to... [...]
October 18, 2017 KTB could successfully... [...]
April 6, 2016 KTB was founded on April... [...]
In December 2015, KTB delivered a particular item... [...]
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