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Oversize shipping

In December 2015, KTB delivered a particular item of equipment.

A semi low-loader was ordered to the port of Hamburg to be loaded with two electric industrial furnaces made in Germany. The furnaces have a unit weight of nearly two tons and do not fit in standard containers because of their overwidth. The truck had a height of 4,38m.

As demanded by the Mexican customer, a forwarding agency delivered the goods to Bremerhaven port to be shipped to Mexico after KTB took care of all customs and transportation issues, as well as financial questions.

KTB made a point of offering the client freight status reports consequently and at any time, including clean and reliable documentation, offers, packing lists, accompanying documents, etc.

Appointing KTB, the supplier and the client broke through a vast amount of financial and transportation obstacles and secured a good business.

Photos were taken at the premises of one of our logistic suppliers, akf siemers hamburg GmbH:


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