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KTB 40 years 

April 6, 2016

KTB was founded on April 1st , 1976, so that we had the pleasure to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

As running a business for 40 years requires a skilled and mindful management and the engagement of all employees, we took the occasion to have a champagne reception in our warehouse.

KTB experienced an immense rise in revenue and staff number in its history and can look back on a continuous, upward development. Nowadays 150 employees worldwide work for our clients.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the many national and international congratulators.

Mr Kitzinger gave a short and lively overview over KTB from its beginnings
until today.


Then the delicious buffet was opened!


The employees congratulated - among other things with a big cake.


Flower bouquets were given to Mrs Kitzinger and Mrs Kitzinger Sr
(wife of the founder, Mr Bringfried Kitzinger).
Also Mr Björn Kitzinger, our CEO´s brother, brought his best wishes.

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