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Since 1976, the satisfaction of our customers has been our top priority. With a diversity of over 160 employees from more than 26 nations, we convince with competence and reliability in the field of spare parts procurement and MRO services.

The company KTB

Family business and specialist in spare parts procurement since 1976

Since our foundation in 1976, our company KTB has been active in the field of MRO parts procurement for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer our services internationally and support companies in setting up their MRO supply chain management sustainably, efficiently and securely.

Today, our family business is already being run by the second generation - and we are consistently expanding our performance and services. In the meantime, more than 800 customers from various industries benefit from our high standards of our own work quality and the excellent qualification of our employees. For a good and constructive cooperation with our customers we are always ready to give our best - already for more than 45 years!

Bringfried Kitzinger

President (Founder) †

Lars Kitzinger

Chief Executive Officer



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History & Milestones

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Our commitment to your industry.

For smooth operation of machinery, industrial plants and fleets, it is essential that companies and spare parts manufacturers come together in an uncomplicated and cost-efficient manner. Especially in the case of global, tightly meshed supply chains, a secure supply of MRO items is essential.

Thanks to our cross-industry expertise, we are very familiar with the requirements of a wide range of industries. With the help of our globally positioned team, we can build up a picture of the technical requirements and pass on the relevant procurement information directly to competent supplier companies. We ensure that spare parts are manufactured according to customer requirements and provided in a timely manner.

Strong roots for a strong future.

Over the past decades, we have continuously developed ourselves and our company - today we operate several branches on different continents and work together with a global partner network to provide excellent MRO services to all our customers, regardless of industry.

We would like to maintain and expand these successes and partnerships of the past decades in the future. We want to continue to grow with our company and take responsibility - for the well-being of our team, for good cooperation with our customers and for resource-conscious management for the benefit of the environment and future generations.

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Shared values and responsibility lead to strong cohesion.

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Shared values and responsibility lead to strong cohesion.

The cohesion of our team is very important to us at KTB: We are not only a family business - the family idea characterizes our work as a whole. We cultivate a trusting relationship with each other and rely on a great deal of transparency, an intensive exchange, openness and honesty in our cooperation with customers and partners.

As a large, multidisciplinary and multicultural company, we foster a strong sense of togetherness and build on the individual skills and competencies of our employees.

This diversity is one of our strengths: Through this targeted support, we continue to develop ourselves and our employees and, with flat hierarchies, create an atmosphere in which our highly qualified team can work together to deliver top performance for our customers.

Our goal is also to act responsibly with regard to future generations - we only have this one earth and thus the duty to preserve it. We are aware of our ecological responsibility and want to protect the environment within the scope of our possibilities. That is why we work as efficiently as possible and reduce our consumption of resources to the bare minimum - for the benefit of our customers and our environment.

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