Avoiding problems in logistics - strategies for procuring individual parts

Transparent and foresightedly planned supply chains are the basis for satisfied customers in the logistics industry. The manufacturing process gets out of hand with good MRO goods delivery planning never stalls - we at KTB Hamburg ensure that individual parts are available to customers with pinpoint accuracy and that supply chains can be fully utilized and remain flexible. In order to Customer satisfaction for transport companies To ensure the highest quality of service, reputable transport service providers and forwarders adhere to basic service tips, which we do not want to deprive our customers of:

Supply chain checklist: how import-export companies present themselves reliably

  • Dedicated and fast order processing
  • Short delivery times
  • Constant availability and competent customer service
  • Predictive inventory
  • Impeccable quality of delivered goods and parts

Improve internal logistics systems and increase customer satisfaction - this is how it works

Weaknesses in the supply chain affect the entire supply chain and can destroy the excellent performance of manufacturers, freight forwarders and transport service providers. KTB Logistics is networked worldwide and always remains flexible and reliable thanks to various principles:

1. build flexible supply chains

  • With Multiple Supply Chain strategies, manufacturers and suppliers avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain.
  • If a dealer cannot deliver or if the usual transport route is not available, alternatives are immediately available.
  • Manufacturing and transportation of MRO goods and commodities in the industry thus remain independent of individual supply chain factors.
  • At KTB, we flexibly scale the use of warehouse space to procure individual industrial parts without waiting times and as needed.

2. automated warehouse logistics

  • Modern technologies will revolutionize the logistics industry in the coming decades. AI-controlled warehouse robots and self-driving delivery vehicles are already being used in our warehouses today.
  • Central warehouse management systems for the integration of various decentralized systems facilitate the planning of deliveries and enable flexible adjustment of transport routes and storage strategies.

3. broad-based networking with suppliers

  • International cooperation with reliable suppliers is essential for the seamless supply of MRO goods to industries.
  • We have been working with reliable forwarders and transport service providers for decades. Transparent communication between KTB teams, customers and forwarders is the basis for successful international trade.

4. cost minimization

  • One of our main tasks is to minimize costs through optimized inventory management.
  • Decentralized storage logistics and full warehouse utilization save costs without additional effort.
  • Inventory and demand must be matched as closely as possible.

KTB guarantees customer satisfaction

KTB Logistik in Hamburg brings manufacturers of MRO goods and industrial companies worldwide closer together. Fair product prices and the continuous supply of individual parts for maintenance and repair are our goals to ensure customer satisfaction. With individual logistics concepts, we support manufacturers in optimizing supply chain systems across national borders.