Avoiding problems in logistics - strategies for procuring individual parts

For more than 40 years, the KTB team has been developing concepts for the seamless and uncomplicated procurement of spare parts for MRO goods for manufacturers all over the world. On the international market, we have been able to establish ourselves as import-export professionals for decades, as we always integrate the latest technologies for logistics and forwarding into workflow processes, thus making the production and transport of MRO goods faster, more efficient and more cost-effective for our customers.

ISO standards for containers - These types of containers exist

production processes in our customers' plants, we at KTB Hamburg are in operation worldwide. In order to minimize procurement costs and to transport MRO goods easily by ship, rail vehicle or road vehicle, standardized container types are used in logistics and forwarding industries. Containers made of corrugated sheet steel are easy and safe to stack and can thus be transported cost-effectively.

TIR Carnet simply explained - Simplifying transit with TIR

Maintenance, Repair, Operations: Procuring MRO goods and ensuring the availability of spare parts for industrial manufacturers is time-consuming and complex without experienced logisticians like our import-export professionals at KTB. One of the basic standardized procedures to facilitate cross-border deliveries by road vehicles is the Carnet TIR procedure - we explain what the purpose of the procedure is and in what way Carnet TIR can be used when purchasing across national borders. 

Incoterms explained quickly - What are International Commercial Terms?

Since January 1, 2020, the eighth version of the International Commercial Terms (also called INCO-Terms or Incoterms) is valid. As international import-export professionals, we at KTB Hamburg know how important a certain basic understanding of the Incoterm rules is for international communication in trade. We have summarized everything you need to know about the INCO-Terms for manufacturers and distributors to make MRO parts procurement for industrial spare parts as easy as possible.