Our import-export professionals optimize ongoing production chains through time and space consolidation strategies: We combine individual shipments into compact deliveries, thus saving transport costs and effort for our customers. As a link between customers and suppliers, we simplify procurement processes linguistically, technically, financially and logistically.

KTB Consolidation - Everything from a single source

When purchasing spare parts for industry and trade, companies can save process costs and time through targeted consolidation. KTB offers customized concepts from a single source: we simplify the process flow and communication between customers and suppliers from all over the world in order to optimize the workflow in our customers' plants and simplify delivery processes, e.g. through collective deliveries. Our global presence allows us to adapt to time zones and be available to customers and suppliers around the clock.

Our extensive consolidation is the key to trouble-free value chains

We solicit bids from various suppliers worldwide for industrial spare parts in all sizes.

Ordered spare parts are checked in the KTB central warehouse and prepared for shipment according to customer requirements.

Through comprehensive consolidation, we ensure that goods are available according to customers' individual needs and that costs are saved in the areas of logistics, management and packaging.

Consolidation pays off: Advantages of KTB Management for the procurement of MRO parts

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