For optimal service, we determine our customers' needs for C-materials, spare parts and direct materials. From small screws to large CapEx industrial parts and for long-term fixed assets, our import-export professionals will create the right supply program for any industrial part.

Procure spare parts quickly and easily - from a single source with KTB

To ensure smooth operations in the manufacture of industrial goods, structured MRO spare parts procurement is essential. The better the spare parts supply program is matched to the needs of companies, the more efficiently time and costs can be saved. Our experienced KTB employees have an excellent knowledge of technical specifications in industry and carry out professional orders for spare parts and maintenance materials for customers worldwide.

Spare parts procurement from all over the world from inquiry to delivery

After determining requirements, our internationally networked KTB teams obtain quotations from various suppliers. We break through cultural and language barriers to be able to procure every part quickly and at a reasonable price.

Through precise technical specification, we can facilitate the selection of the appropriate supplier for customers in the bidding phase. Individual priorities such as cost minimization, life cycle assessment and delivery times are also taken into account at this step.

Our KTB logistics experts take over the permanent tracking of placed orders to ensure that every part is delivered on time. In this way, we avoid waiting times for manufacturers without straining warehouse capacities.

Spare parts procurement from a single source - all the advantages of our KTB delivery programs at a glance:

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